Visiting The 6 Most Beautiful Botanical Gardens Around The World

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Botanical gardens

The world is full of magnificent and breathtaking views and vistas to explore. The natural beauty of the landscape of the planet can be breathtaking and diverse. Each corner of the globe has its own unique flora and fauna in botanical gardens that can be thrilling to explore.

The variety of botanical gardens can be seen in our choices for the six best and most dazzling collections from every corner of the world. These gardens help to preserve, entice and educate their visitors about the importance of plant conservation and the impact of saving plant species.

If you are planning a trip to tour any of these botanical gardens you are in for a lush and life-changing experience. Before you leave, always make sure that you are protected by your insurance like that from Allstate Insurance for travelers since you will be jetting out to the farthest reaches of our planet on your tour of the most beautiful botanical gardens.

Exotic Garden of Monaco

Opened to the public in 1933, this garden paradise is focused on displaying the endless variety of succulents and cacti from around the world. Uniquely located on the rugged side of a cliff, this Monaco landmark is not to be missed.

The garden spans over 15,000 square meters to be enjoyed at any time of the year. At the bottom of the cliff, there is also an Observatory Cave system that can be toured showcasing the natural wonders hidden beneath your feet.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Started over 160 years ago, the Singapore Botanic Gardens were central in the rubber trade boom. The conditions to grow rubber in the area were pristine and the gardens continue to focus their attention on further development and research in the latex industry.

The area also houses the National Orchid Gardens that covers nearly 50 hectares. The admission is free so that guests from around the world can discover the over 10,000 species of flora and fauna.

Kew Royal Botanic Gardens

Located along the shores of the Thames in Richmond, U.K, the Kew Gardens encompass over 326 acres, 40 historically significant buildings, and structures and over 27,000 species of plants. It contains nearly 8 million specimens of fungal herbarium and the 40,000 heritage seeds that are currently stored on location in the Millenium Vault.

Adelaide Botanical Garden

When you take your trip “down under”, you have to stop in southern Australia for a visit to the Adelaide Botanical Gardens. Opened to the public in 1857, this 130-acre masterpiece of natural plants and flowers is wedged between the historic Royal Hospital and the National Wine Center. Visit the pagoda erected in 1863 to house the state herbarium, the rose garden and the study center for economic botany. And while there, take some time to search for Pemberton wineries near me so that you can also experience the scenic beauty of the area.

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Gardens

This extensive garden was started in 1954 but not opened to the public until 1980 in Chonburi Province of Thailand. Although the main focus of this garden center is on research and preservation of the cycad species they have a variety of dedicated gardens to visit. Take a walk and discover the European Garden, French Garden, Stonehenge Garden, Butterfly Hill and the Ant Tower.


The exquisite beauty of our world’s natural resources is collected together in places like Botanical Gardens for the pleasure of the people to enjoy. But, they also focus much of their efforts on education, preservation, and research so that future generations can benefit as well. Make your garden tour a Botanical Adventure!

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