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When traveling abroad, I make sure that I visit the best botanical gardens and arboretums. However, I feel lucky when I can check into a hotel that features a great garden. It is actually rare to find a hotel that places high importance on its gardens or plants bright florals. Most of the hotels in densely populated areas seem to prioritize developing a conference room rather than a garden. In my constant search for hotels with the best gardens, these are the ones that I stumbled upon. I am excited to visit all of them on my next trip.

Hotels Featuring the Best Gardens

St. Regis Monarch Beach in Dana Point, California

St. Regis is not only a top fitness hotel, but it also features flower gardens. The Monarch Beach is aptly named because of the monarch butterflies that inhabit the area. The number of butterflies dwindled, so the resort decided to plant milkweed throughout the property. To further help increase their population, the resort also developed a flower garden set against the blue coastal waters.

The Palms Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach, Florida

This hotel is a luxurious city beach escape that has beautifully incorporated a rainforest vibe. Guests can enjoy the majestic views of the Atlantic Ocean and still gaze at the 1.5 acres of  garden space featuring fragrant herbs, towering palms, and exotic birds of paradise. The hotel’s Essensia restaurant also serves herbs and vegetables from the gardens. Talk about sustainability and green practices! If you don’t mind driving two hours to reach Naples, you should take a detour and visit the beautiful Naples Botanical Garden.

Hanging Gardens of Bali in Bali, Indonesia

This stunning hotel built within the jungle of Bali, Indonesia features 44 villas and spectacular views. The hotel was included in the 2018 Boutique Hotel Awards as the one with the most stunning views. Its twin-tiered pool can be considered a luxury pool guide that most swimming pool developers try to emulate.

Colony Club in Barbados

Once unknown to many, the island of Barbados has since become a tourist’s delight. The Colony Club is one of the best culinary hotels, and it sources its herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables from their organic garden. When you are there, do not miss the tour of the garden. You will see that the fruits and vegetables they harvest are used later on during a live cooking demonstration. If that is not enough, the hotel’s lagoons and waterfalls are surrounded by lush foliage. Only 30 minutes away from the hotel is the fascinating Hunte’s Garden that features a fabulous garden in a 150-foot deep sinkhole.

Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel in Machu Picchu, Peru

Spending a week in Machu Picchu is certain to be an exciting time for nature lovers. The Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo has 85 casita-style rooms where guests can immerse themselves in a tropical environment. Some of the things you can do here is discovering the exotic flora and fauna of the forest.

Il Salviatino in Florence, Italy

Romantic and beguiling are what best describe Il Salviatino. The restored 15th-century villa sits on almost 13 acres of parks and gardens. It even has dedicated Greenhouse suites where guests can have direct access to the outstanding Italian gardens. If you really want to go on a garden adventure, take a train from Florence and head to Lake Como, which is home to five spectacular gardens.

Exploring the world while appreciating nature through beautiful gardens is indeed a pleasure. Before you go and check out other gardens at your destination, make sure that you know the opening hours of the gardens.

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