The Top 8 Gardens Worth Visiting in Denmark

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Denmark castle

Denmark is home to some absolutely stunning gardens that are well worth a visit. From royal gardens to botanical wonders, Denmark has a lot to offer.

Travel to Denmark

The best time to visit Denmark is between June and August, when the days are long and warm. If you’re traveling from the US, you don’t need a Denmark visa, but if you are from a country outside the EU or one that doesn’t have a visa agreement with Denmark, check the requirements before booking a flight.

Now let’s review the best gardens in Denmark.

Rosenborg Castle Gardens

Located in central Copenhagen, the Rosenborg Castle Gardens surround the gorgeous Rosenborg Castle. The gardens contain statues, fountains, and meticulously trimmed hedges in geometric patterns. Visitors can stroll through the serene grounds and admire the palace from outside before heading inside to tour the castle itself.

University of Copenhagen Botanical Garden

Established in 1600, the University of Copenhagen’s Botanical Garden is one of the oldest and most important botanical gardens in Europe. Spanning nearly 10 hectares, it contains more than 13,000 plant species from around the world including medicinal plants, orchids, and cacti. The 19th century Palm House is a highlight, as is the Japanese-inspired garden.


On the island of Møn, Liselund is an idyllic Romantic-style garden dotted with thatched pavilions, winding paths, and tranquil lakes. Created in the late 18th century, it’s considered one of the most important examples of Romantic gardening in Europe. The grounds feel like something out of a fairy tale.

Egeskov Castle

The expansive gardens of Egeskov Castle on Funen Island are divided into a Renaissance garden, an English garden, a Japanese garden, and more. Water features like fountains and moats abound, along with intricate topiaries and maze-like hedges. The grounds contain over 200 varieties of ancient trees.

Frederiksborg Castle Gardens

At Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød, north of Copenhagen, the Baroque-style gardens contain sections focused on herbs, flowers, and vegetables. The centerpiece is an ornate water cascade flanked by symmetrical hedges and flowerbeds. Meandering gravel paths lead visitors past statues and fountains.

Jægerspris Castle Gardens

The Romantic landscape gardens of Jægerspris Castle mix forested areas with open lawns and a tranquil lake with a Chinese-style pavilion. Moss-covered statues are scattered throughout the grounds, as are stands of beech, oak, and chestnut trees. It’s an ideal place for a leisurely stroll.

Frederiksberg Gardens

Right in Copenhagen, these 32-hectare gardens contain a Chinese summerhouse, Frederiksberg Palace, and an idyllic Apiculture Garden focused on bees. Visitors flock here to enjoy the walking trails, ponds, and blooming flower displays throughout the year.

Clausholm Castle Gardens

Known for their impressive Baroque-style lime tree avenues, the Clausholm Castle gardens were originally landscaped in the early 1700s. Geometric hedges, parterres, and statues help create a very formal, ornate atmosphere. The grounds also contain a large modern rose garden.

With their lush greenery, ornate structures, and diversity of design styles, Denmark’s magnificent gardens offer visitors of all ages much to see and explore. When traveling through the country, be sure to add a few of these horticultural havens to your itinerary. Wandering through their leaves and blossoms is an unforgettable experience.

Featured image: Egeskov Castle / Unsplash

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