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Green carnation

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You might feel surprised after reading that there are flowers that are naturally green in colour and represent nature and rejuvenation. Flowers are seen as the symbol of good fortune and youth all around the world in every culture.

However, people often disregard green flowers, thinking that the whole point of having flowers in the home is to add bright and beautiful colours. Without even realizing it, you are missing out on a unique and stunning floral arrangement that will make your home green.

If you want to live in a green home and need to enhance your space with beautiful flowers, this article has a fantastic selection of flower recommendations. For bulk purchases, you can explore where to buy flowers wholesale, a one-stop online shop for all your wholesale flower needs.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of flowers that will allow you to contribute to the green movement.

1. Carnation

Dianthus caryophyllus is a flower that is native to the Mediterranean region. It is a flower that symbolizes love, distinction, and fascination, depending on the colour you choose. You must have seen this flower in its natural pink colour, but there is also another species of Dianthus that is green in colour.

We can say it’s a good thing that this flower exists in so many different colours that keeping only this flower in different hues will fill your home with freshness. Choose your favourite colour among green, red, white, purple, or other vibrant shades.

2. Chrysanthemum

Also known as mums, Chrysanthemum flowers have the potential to reduce indoor air pollution indoors, thereby making your home safe and healthy. In some cultures, this flower is associated with death, grief, and lamentation, whereas, in others, it represents honesty. In the United States, this flower is regarded as a cheerful and optimistic symbol, which means you can keep it at home without any objection.

Mum flowers are available in a variety of colours and designs, such as yellow, orange, purple, pink, red, white, peach, green, and tiger tail (a combination of yellow, red, and white).

3. Bells of Ireland

Moluccella laevis, the Bells of Ireland, is a flower that represents luck. It has a natural green colour and a fragrance that will fill your home with freshness. Due to being a member of the mint family, the flower’s stems and leaves can be used in fresh and dried forms. Not only does this plant makes your home green, but it’s also believed to bring luck. So, who knows, maybe this flower will make your life better.

4. Gladiolus

With exotic shades and colours, Gladiolus is a flower that is found all over the world. It has such an extensive list of species that you will be able to find this plant in all corners. These flowers are associated with anniversaries, especially the 40th.

The most common colours for this flower are red, white, purple, yellow, pink, and grey. But one colour that is not that common is green. You will rarely find green Gladiolus in homes even though it’s perfect for giving the green touch to homes.  But you can always buy them with Flower Company CA and make your home greener and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

5. Zinnia

As part of the sunflower tribe and daisy family, the Zinnia flower is revered for its fantastic bright colour variants. Primarily, these are garden flowers due to their beautiful shapes and colour, including reds, rose, purple, buff, orange, and green as well.

Added to this, these flowers are associated with happy memories and tend to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Having these flowers in your home will undoubtedly make it greener, and they also benefit other plants by protecting them from whiteflies and other insects.

6. Daylily

Don’t be fooled by its name because this flower is not a lily. Daylily flowers are bred for the attractive colour of their petals. This variety of flowers blooms during the daytime. Moreover, they are titled as the perfect perennial plants by gardeners due to their ability to tolerate extreme climatic conditions, including drought and frost.

These low maintenance flowers are edible and can be used for adding flavours to the cuisine. Whether you decide to keep them in red colour or orange or yellow or green, they’ll add elegance and greenery to your home.

7. Hellebore

Known by names such as winter rose or Christmas rose, hellebores are evergreen flowers. These are found in a wide variety of green colour shades that are ideal for garden décor. Though other species of pink, white, and yellow colours are also available, it’s easier to find green ones.

One fact you must know is that the hellebores are toxic. Cases of poisoning are rare, but it does occur among animals and sometimes gardeners with sensitive skin. The flower doesn’t have much effect on humans, but animals and insects see them as distasteful and leave them alone.

Growing hellebores near other plants will prevent animals from harming your garden but don’t overdo it; otherwise, you’ll end up with problems too.

8. Roses

You must be wondering why roses are at the bottom of the list of flowers to keep a green home. Well, the reason is that we wanted to keep the best till the end. Even though roses are considered aesthetic flowers primarily and are used for ornamental purposes, they can add green value to your home like no other flowering plant.

From perfume to food, drinks to medicine, they are used for almost everything. These flowers can even serve as food supplements and are known to treat stomach problems.

Due to the wide variety of roses available, you can find the green coloured ones and plant them in your home. Not only will it add a unique shade of green to your indoor garden, but it will also spread the fragrance of love.

To Wrap Up

Classic ideas for decorating the home garden are always useful. Get fresh flowers from the Flower Company, and plant them in your home. From increasing the green value of your house to boosting your mood, flowers will keep you happy from within.

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