Can Your Visit to Botanical Gardens Give You Unexpected Benefits & Help Curb Health Risks?

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A visit to a botanical garden has a different aspect of becoming alive in front of your eyes every time. You can experience the rustling wind through the branches, the vibrant and cheerful ambiance, colorful blooms, or the sweet fragrance of the air.

If you are feeling down or are looking for a change of scenery, you must consider visiting your local public garden. The feeling of restlessness will cease to exist as soon as you step into one such place. Wide-open spaces, peaceful atmosphere, long walking trails, and fresh air make the gardens an ideal yet relatively safer spot during the pandemic.

Along with the above, many gardens also have an exhibit center or a collection of plants from various regions. When you visit such places, you feel temporarily transported to the origin of the plant. It can be anything from a tropical orchid house to a Japanese garden.

This article highlights the benefits that you can seek from your visits to a botanical garden.

Promotes a Better Mental Health

The various studies conducted in the past show an improvement in our memory, mental health, and attention span by being outdoors. According to a study at Stanford University, a 90-minute walk in a natural environment can help curb depression.

Achieving the above phenomenon is possible as opposed to an urban setting, as your walk reduces the activity of the brain areas that links to mental illness and depression.

Another study of the University of Michigan found a link between better mood and group nature walks. It is crucial to identify that this study had a set of participants going through stressful conditions like losing a job or divorce.

Helps Protect the Environment

A public garden is not only beneficial for us, under these highly polluted conditions, but for the environment too. If you check the weather data on websites like tomorrow’s weather, you will find the deteriorating conditions of the air quality. Such gardens help to reduce the number of pollutants in the environment and help us breathe cleaner air.

Apart from the above benefit, a public garden helps in conserving endangered plant species through seed banks and living collections. It also acts as a space for pollination and benefits the pollinators like birds, honey bees, butterflies, and backs. These organisms play a vital role in our crop production cycle and help maintain healthy plant life.

Apart from the filtration of pollutants in the air, added benefits of these green spaces include protecting waterways from contaminated run-off and lowering the urban area temperatures. Your visit to a public garden is also a way to show your support towards helping mother nature.

Relive the Culture

The botanical garden not only has flowering exhibits but also conducts cultural events from time to time. You can enjoy various cultural events like art exhibitions or musical performances too.

You will find the work of famous sculptors in the gardens of the US and abroad. A prominent face among them is Dale Chihuly. His work with colorful glass creations is aiding to add an artistic character to the various gardens.

Similarly, the works of landscape artist Roberto Burle Marx are present at Brazil’s Instituto Inhotim. The work includes sculptures and artwork among the galleries and open-air pavilions united with the gardens to enhance the beauty.

Be Active

Often it happens that the gardens mesmerize us so much that we fail to remain active within its boundaries. However, it is advisable to not let the soothing atmosphere get the best of you and deter you from your workout objectives.

You can choose to stroll or jog through the trails and parks and take advantage of the various yoga or other exercise classes that some gardens offer. A few of them also have tai chi, swing dancing, or pilates.

Some of the cities have also arranged ‘boot camps’ for the visitors of a botanical garden. Such fitness classes amid nature cannot only be beneficial for your health but your mind too. You can involve your family in such activities by keeping a tab of your nearest garden’s calendar.

There are fun-filled activities like scavenger hunts, kids’ day, or dog shows that keep happening in such gardens.

Therefore, as you can see, there are various ways that you can benefit from your visit to a botanical garden. All you need is to decide and visit your local garden. Getting involved with such a place will give you peace of mind and provide a space for your family to enjoy.

Your visit to the garden is a way to contribute significantly to the protection of the environment, too. You have a chance to relive the culture in the midst of which you reside. You will have an active routine and a better lifestyle once you include such a place in your life.

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