Best Beekeeping Farms Around the World

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Bees are existent in almost all countries globally. While some have been naturally inhabiting certain countries such as North Africa or in countries within Europe, they were eventually brought to other countries where honey became a popular product. This rise in popularity allowed these countries to adapt beekeeping and growing their population and this gave rise to a global spread and maintenance of bees.

A beekeeper’s equipment also has been essential to the development of nations in terms of agriculture and food supply. Bees not only produce the honey that is highly sought after but they also aid the pollination and fertilization of crops that lead to high crop growth and harvest rates. This being said, bees are integral to the security of the food supply and as they are being threatened out of existence by global changes triggered by human development, beekeeping has seen an immense value in preserving the balance in the global ecosystem.

Global Existence of Beekeeping Farms

Beekeeping farms are found in more than 10 countries worldwide. The reasons for beekeeping might be due to the lack of beehives in a country where there is a need to cultivate their population in order to preserve their purpose. Countries with high counts of beehives may also need to consider beekeeping as several global crises have plummeted bee populations.

The top three countries with high rates of beehives are India, China, and the U.S., which have notable beekeeping farms. Countries that strive to preserve the bee population, whether they have an abundance of beehives or not, work hard in deliberately using beekeeping equipment to simulate ideal scenarios for bees to populate and thrive.

The Best Beekeeping Farms

Here are the countries that have the best beekeeping farms around the world.

1. Adee Honey Farms LP – South Dakota, USA.
By 2015, this farm produced an average of five million pounds of honey annually while making sure the bees roam freely, pollinating crops in neighboring states.

2. Qiandao Lake Mozhidao Biotechnology Co. Ltd – Hang Zhou, China
In a country where beekeeping is plenty, Qiandao Lake is a medical products company that operates one of the country’s largest beekeeping farms. They use mobile applications to monitor and understand bee behavior and gather data on environmental conditions. Talk about high-tech beekeeper’s equipment.

3. Kashmir Apiaries Export – Doraha, Ludhiana, India
Started by Jagjit Singh Kapoor, Kashmir Apiaries has 50,000 bee colonies across India. It is considered the largest exporter in the country and supplies to a good number of nations around the globe. Their focus is on getting the right beekeeping equipment and technology to drive error-free processes to deliver the best products from bees and at the same time making sure the bees are thriving.

4. Arataki Honey Ltd – Waiotapu New Zealand
Arataki in New Zealand takes the bees and puts them at the core of their existence. This beekeeping farm understands the importance of beekeeping equipment that promotes hive health and is especially critical in controlling border entry of insects and animals that may impact the overall beekeeping process.

5. African Beekeepers Ltd. – Kenya, East Africa
Starting out in 2001, African Beekeepers Ltd advocates for partnerships with farmers and communities to raise bees as the growing world demand is bringing Africa into the light as an emerging producer. They strongly believe in the use of the right beekeeping equipment and technological advances to be catalysts of change and advancement for this particular sector.

What Makes Them the Best?

Beekeeping is as good as its beekeepers. Beekeepers require the proper beekeeping equipment in order to function and the right training to properly carry out a task. Such investment in tangible and intangible aspects can go a long way especially when there is a huge potential in this undertaking.

1. Get the right protective gear.
A beekeeper’s equipment is the key to making all the magic happen. Imagine being unable to conduct the feeding, cleaning, or harvesting just because you are too exposed to being stung. Spending on the right amount of money will make sure you are able to move without doubt and restriction, making the entire process of beekeeping reach its potential.

You may want to check out MyBeeHive with their great selection of protective gear and more so that you stay up to the challenge of beekeeping.


Close up of a beekeeper with beard and protective suit

2. Have a continuous learning mindset.
While beekeeping equipment might have everything sorted out for you, using it the proper way to maximize the gains is a totally different story. There are a lot of things to build your beekeeping knowledge on apart from the laws and regulations of the area you operate. There is the ongoing development of new technology and best practices. Joining associations and groups that share the same interest and passions might be a good starting point in learning from a different point of view.

3. Make mistakes and improve from them.
If you do something wrong along the lines or completely botch the entire process of beekeeping, quickly learn from this so you do not make the mistake again because if you do, then the intent is really not there to help beekeeping achieve its goal. MyBeeHive’s website has a blog you can check out to learn about the beekeeping equipment and things that matter to you with regards to beekeeping. It’s like having a crutch that guides you through, and if things do go wrong, then you can get back up with that same crutch and carry on, changing the things you know will make a different outcome.


The best beekeeping farms around the world exist for a reason, and they became the best not because of the aesthetic appeal or the gallant reasons they do it for. They are branded as the best because they understand what it takes to make it a success. They understand that the right beekeeper’s equipment, together with the drive, advocacy, and purpose create a recipe for success in this industry. This forward march of this sector of beekeeping will surely set up the future for this industry in saving the bee population and helping them do what they do best for mother earth.

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