7 Ways Public Gardens Can Inspire You to Landscape

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Most of us have a busy schedule and look forward to a weekend break to relax and recharge. Some people would love to stay at home during this break, and there are those who would take this time to go outside and explore some public gardens. These places can give you a relaxing moment and some may inspire you to do landscaping. If you wonder how public gardens can provide a spark of inspiration, keep reading to learn more.

1. Notice the Tall Plants

Public gardens use tall plants for their fences, borders, and place them behind shorter plants, but the misconception that tall plants should always be at the back is not true. You can place tall plants along a pathway or any sitting area, which can provide shade when it’s sunny.

You have to remember also that tall plants will tend to flop over, which means you need to provide an intricate support system for them. There are also tall plants that can develop their own support system as they grow. Some tall plants that you might want to consider are sunflowers (Russian Mammoth is among the tallest varieties), Joe Pye weed, and delphiniums.

2. Nice Smell

The smell of a garden can play a big factor in your landscape. Plants with a pleasing scent can also be nice to look at, like roses, jasmine, honeysuckle, lavender, and lilac. It is also important to know where to place them strategically along with the other plants. Some would grow them in their pathways or somewhere near their patio to provide beauty and a good scent in your garden.

3. Know Your Plants’ Life Cycle

You may purchase grown plants for your garden, or you could start by planting seeds and observing how they would grow. Let your plants go through their natural course, and you will realize how much beauty you can appreciate as your plants grow healthy. Interspersing these fragrant blooms with edibles like the black cherry tomato can create a harmonious blend of beauty and functionality.

4. Play With Colors

If you want your landscaping project to be noticeable and vibrant, you may play with the colors of your plants, furniture, or even your house. Find a strategic application of colors that will enable fluid interaction between your plants and the structures in your garden. Be careful not to mix whatever you see on some references, as some may become an eyesore to people. Consulting experts like Malone’s Landscape for advice on how you can mix colors in your garden would help.

5. Use Nice Edging

You may add some edging to your garden by using materials that match your style and overall landscape design. Your landscape’s edging contributes to defining the walkways, prevents encroachment of plants on paths, keeps people from trampling plants, and provides a better presentation of your garden concept. Using different materials will also define its location in your landscape, such as bamboo edging or cobblestones. It is also important to use good quality materials to avoid frequent maintenance, saving you money.

6. Think About the View

Landscaping also involves proper planning of your exterior and considering how it would appear from indoors and outdoors. Creating a landscape concept that you can view from your window can be an ideal consideration for the whole project. Having a view from your kitchen, dining, or in your living room can be beneficial also to your well-being, as your landscape can bring joy and relaxation. Enjoying the view while outdoors from a commercial gazebo constructed by a local company can provide a lovely place to immerse yourself in the garden. You may also want to install a trellis next to your window that would let plants climb it as it grows.

7. More Ideas

If you want to keep track of your progress in landscaping, it would be best to record your activities in a journal. This will help you remember some details of your plants that can affect your future decisions with landscaping. Public gardens play a big factor in influencing you to do some exciting landscaping projects.


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