5 Top Tips for Visiting Botanical Gardens in the UK

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Botanical garden

Around the world, there are thousands of incredible botanical gardens that you can visit. There’s the San Grato Park in Switzerland, Las Pozas in Mexico, and Shinjuku Gyoen in Japan – just to name a few. The reality is, that’s barely scratching the surface. As any garden fanatic will tell you, there are too many gardens to mention.

When it comes to ranking which countries have the best gardens, the UK is undoubtedly near the top. Some critics would even say it is the best country for gardens (whether you agree with that is an entirely different story). From Stourhead Garden to the Botanic Gardens in Belfast, Northern Ireland, you truly are spoilt for choice in the UK. This is why, year after year, thousands of excited tourists flock to the UK to do a tour of its best gardens.

So, whether you live in the UK or are planning on heading over there soon, here are five top tips that you should follow when visiting any of the gardens. These tips will ensure you have the best experience possible – whether you go alone or with friends!

1. Take your smartphone with you

First of all, your smartphone is essential when you visit any of the UK’s gardens. This is because it will enable you to take photos and videos, navigate around the area efficiently through Google Maps, and research any flowers or trees that you come across over the internet. For example, you might discover a usual or rare plant, such as a Sycopsis sinensis, which you can then research through your smartphone.

Also, if you’re planning on spending an entire day at a big garden, you’ll no doubt be taking plenty of breaks in-between. At most UK gardens, there are tons of benches and chairs for visitors to use, meaning you have plenty of rest options. Whilst on a break, you could load up some entertainment on your smartphone, such as a sports betting app or online casino games. Read more here if you’re interested.

2. Find a picnic spot

The majority of UK gardens allow visitors to bring their own food and drinks – which is handy if you’re a fan of picnics. All you’ll need to do is find a spacious spot (ideally in a grassy area), pitch up, and enjoy your picnic whilst surrounded by some amazing trees and plants.

3. Visit on-sight cafes and stores

If you don’t like picnics and would prefer to purchase food whilst you’re there, it’s likely that the garden will have an on-sight café (or at least a café in the local area). If so, you should check it out and grab a nice drink and meal whilst you’re at it. Also, make sure to go to any stores that are available, as there might be some cool finds for you to look at, such as t-shirts and cups.

4. Check out the garden’s website prior to your visit

Prior to visiting your desired garden, make sure to check out its official website. This will come with all the relevant information you need; from opening to closing times. It will also tell you about rules and guidelines, such as noise levels.

5. Check in on Facebook and leave a review

If your garden has a Facebook page, you could do a virtual check-in and even leave a review after you’ve left. This is a great way to personalize your experience and let your friends know about your stay. In fact, they might get a little jealous! But to do this, you’ll need a Facebook account.


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